What is the MLPA?

The Mirror Lake Protective Association ("MLPA") is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 that works to maintain the environmental quality of Mirror Lake and its watershed, a 378-acre lake located in the towns of Wolfeboro and Tuftonboro in Carroll County, New Hampshire.

Recent MLPA News

  • Water Testers Needed:

    MLPA has been putting together a team to help with the water testing that DIck and Nancy Byrd so brilliantly did for years and years. Currently, MLPA has hired Don Kretchmer to take samples and test but this is only temporary as Don advises and MLPA know that our own people need to take care of the lake.

    We need a couple more people to join the team. Team members help with taking water samples from 6-7 spots on the lake and also help with testing those samples. No experience is necessary; training and support provided.

    Contact: kathleensciarappa@gmail.com

  • MLPA Ten Tips for Homeowners:

    MLPA Ten Tips-How Homeowners Can Help Mirror Lake

  • 2018 Annual Meeting Slideshow:

    2018 Annual Meeting Slideshow

  • 2018 Annual Meeting – Tuftonboro Fire House – June 16, 2018 @ 9:00AM:


    The Annual Meeting of the Mirror Lake Protective Association will begin at 9:00 AM on June 16, 2018 at the Tuftonboro Fire House.


    Click link for Google Map of location https://goo.gl/maps/k5dLRwm7xtK2

  • Up Coming Events of Interest:

    Kathy Sciarappa has been busy representing the MLPA and keeping our organization informed of upcoming events that may be of interest:

    Wolfeboro Water Summit 2nd Annual
    May 12 9:00am-12:00pm
    The Great Hall at Wolfeboro Town Hall
    Registration and coffee 8:30am Mid-morning catered food
    Free and open to the public
    Sponsored by: Wentworth Watershed Association


    Lakes Congress 2018
    NH Lakes: The Next 25 Years
    May 31 7:00pm-8:30pm Summer Camps
    June 1 8:00am-2:45pm
    Church Landing at Mills Falls Meredith, NH
    Registration and refreshments 8:00am-8:45am
    Lunch served
    NH Lakes members $55   Non members $70
    Sponsored by: NH Lakes Association
  • MLPA Clothing – 2017:

    This is a fantastic opportunity to support the MLPA and “be stylin” at the same time.  Please download and print the “linked” order form.   A portion of the sales price will go to the MLPA.

    Ginny Cole is coordinating the ordering process and asking that the forms be filled out, a check attached and the forms be delivered to her Mirror Lake home.  If you are out of town and would like to order please contact Ginny via her email for further details.

    Ginny can be reached at:  colefisher@aol.com

    Click link to open pdf and download:   MLPA rev order form 2017

    MLPA Order Form

    MLPA Order Form

  • 2017 Annual Meeting – 9:00am July 22, 2017:

    Reminder to all that the MLPA – Mirror Lake Protective Association will hold it’s annual meeting Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 9:00am, location: Tuftonboro Town House (On Route 109-A, just west of the Tuftonboro Town Offices, on the right. Parking in back.).

    Please join us for timely updates on projects and up to date conditions effecting Mirror Lake.

    Consider renewing your membership or creating a new membership as an active means of supporting the efforts of keeping Mirror Lake healthy and enjoyable.  Current paid members will also receive the Password to “Members Only” page that houses the electronic minutes of Annual Meetings, Bylaw changes etc.

    See you there!

  • Mirror Lake Pendants!:

    We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase a pendant featuring our own Mirror Lake, as Wearable Jewelry Art.   Designed as part of the New Hampshire Heritage Collection by MJ Harrington Jewelers of Newport, NH, Mirror Lake is included in their New Hampshire Lakes Pendant Collection.  Inspired by the natural beauty, proud traditions and special places that make New Hampshire extraordinary, this local NH jeweler has designed this Heritage Collection.

    We are proud to promote this collection, and encourage our Mirror Lake friends to enjoy wearing a Mirror Lake Pendant.  When you order, please share your stories with MJ Harrington as to why you “Love Your Lake!”    They appreciate your feedback, as they promote this series.

    “click on image to enlarge & click once more when opended”

    Some details:   On the reverse of the pendant is engraved  “Mirror Lake”   You can add additional engraving on the reverse side, and/or have a diamond marker positioned on the front, at the spot on Mirror Lake where you love to spend your time.  See the order form for details and call MJ Harrington with your questions.

    This is a meaningful gift and a way to show your love of Mirror Lake.

    Many thanks to David Lantz, owner of MJ Harrington Jewelers, and Meg Cowan, gemologist, for sharing this with us.

    Order Form: Lake Pendant Info – MJ Harrington

  • Volunteer Lake Assessment Training – Larry Gil, MLPA Board Member:

    I attended the Volunteer Lake Assessment Training session last Saturday 5/20/17.

    I am very glad I went, they had some very interesting and some very disturbing discussions about our lakes.  The most interesting to me was this video posted on YOUTUBE.  Visualizing some of the science that controls the lake is not often done but this video to me certainly does:  YOUTUBE link and video title are provided below


    NALMS Student Video Series #2: Lake Mixing & Stratification

    The disturbing were three lectures:  One of the talks was given by Tiffany Grade, Squam Lake Project Biologist, entitled “Emerging Contaminants in Squam Lake Loons: The Squam Lake Loon Initiative”. Turns out they have been studying loon populations on Squam Lake for 25 years and documented a precipitous decline during the years 2005 -2007.  Thru some excellent detective work and knowledge of the life history of these birds, the decline was quite convincingly traced to the practice of oiling gravel roads to control dust.  .A specific dirt road was found to have high concentrations of  oil contaminated with PCBs and Dioxin which then bioaccumulated in the loons prey and hence the birds.  Applying oil to gravel roads was standard practice for many years and discontinued during the late 70’s to 80’s.
    This same scenario or  explanation might be applicable for other declines in lakes across the state.

    Does anybody have knowledge about the oiling of Lang Pond Rd?

     2nd  New classes of pollutants: the first being perflorinated compounds (PFCs) which are everywhere and in everything,    it’s uses are in flame retardents, as coatings on pizza boxes, the bags used to serve popcorn, clothing  the list goes on and on   linked to changes in puberty, developmental effects cancers etc
    And finally why NHDES has amped up their surveillance of cyanobacteria, (Microcystins are toxins produced by cyanobacteria ),  which are linked to some outbreaks of ALS.
     Click on the following links For more information on these subjects:
     Drinking .Water Source Protection Conference https://agwt.org/civicrm/event/info?id=213&reset=1


    Special thanks to Larry Gil for attending and sharing this information with our members.

  • MLPA attends Wolfeboro Water Summit:

    Saturday May 13, 2017 – MLPA was represented by BOD members Kathy Sciarappa and Larry Gil at the Wolfeboro Water Summit hosted at Wolfeboro’s “The Great Hall” at the town hall.  Excellently organized, well attended, with impressive and knowledgeable speakers.  This was a three hour experience and I kept thinking how ahead of the curve MLPA has been over the past decade but also that there is much more to be done to faithfully execute our management plan developed with the help of Geosyntec.   Attached are the notes I captured at the meeting.   You’ll see these experts reinforce all that we have been talking about for quite some time.


    Wolfeboro Water Summit May 13, 2017

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