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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” ~ Robert Swan

The Watershed Management Plan

“Keeping Mirror Lake, NH and Surrounding Land Healthy”

The protection of Mirror Lake, NH is guided its history of water quality assessment. For decades volunteers collected water samples and had them analyzed by both the NH Department of Environmental Services and the University of New Hampshire Extension Program. This diligence led to early recognition in 2008 of cyanobacteria in the lake, a threat recently widely recognized by most lakes in New Hampshire. By 2010 the MPLA sought and was awarded a Section 319 grant. Over the next two years, Geosyntec engineers conducted a comprehensive study of Mirror Lake and produced the 164-page Geosyntec Watershed Management Plan, published in May 2012. On page 74 is a summary of ten major projects divided by high, medium, and low priority intended to reduce the phosphorus load on Mirror Lake. Over the succeeding decade, with major support from the Town of Tuftonboro, almost all of the proposed actions were completed. The one exception, of medium priority, suggested the implementation of community septic systems. Although home owners on Mirror Lake have sometimes listened to the rationale behind community septic systems, the timing, costs, and requirements for collaboration with multiple neighbors, remain barriers to implementation of community septic systems. Since Mirror Lake does not supply public water, there are no state or federal financial incentives available to assist in the construction of such systems. Community septic systems remain a MLPA goal.

As of summer 2023, the MLPA plans to embark on the preparation of a new Watershed Management Plan, a complex and collaborative planning process which may extend over the next several years, producing a proposal that will likely take a decade to implement. In this way, we will gain the perspective of water and land conservation professionals, as well as the support of local residents, to engage in the protective measures needed to keep Mirror Lake, NH safeguarded for future generations.

Cyanobacteria Blooms: What’s that green stuff?

Not everything green, brown or unusual in the lake is a cyanobacteria bloom. If you’d like to know for
sure what you are seeing please follow the NHDES protocol.

How We Protect Mirror Lake, NH

We Use Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Mirror Lake NH Protection

We hunt for cyanobacteria blooms.
We issue lake advisories as needed.
We advocate for land conservation.
We sponsor the Lake Host program.
We quantify the quality of the water.
We champion Best Management Practices.
We monitor all the land surrounding the lake.
We advance the Watershed Management Plan.
We build financial security to meet future needs.
We hunt invasive aquatic plants as Weed Watchers.
We recommend membership to increase collaboration.

Mirror Lake NH Boating

We buffer erosion.
We respect all wildlife.
We plant absorbing rain gardens.
We maintain all our septic systems.
We avoid use of phosphorus fertilizer.
We manage and slow stormwater runoff.
We shield the fish and other aquatic species.
We encourage use of phosphorus free detergent.
We stop pet waste from entering the shoreline or water.

We nurture Mirror Lake, always!

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You Can Help Protect Mirror Lake, NH

Protect the lake you love! MLPA is not a homeowners’ association. All are welcome.

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