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Please join us in working to preserve the health and beauty of Mirror Lake.  Your participation is very important and together we can make a difference.  Join or renew your membership today, at the highest level possible.  Yearly Membership in the Mirror Lake Protective Association helps keep our lake healthy for all to enjoy.  Select your level of membership below.

The MLPA Offers Five Membership Types:

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Please fill out our new membership form by clicking below. The form allows for new and renewal of yearly membership with payment options either by bank draft, mail-in check, credit card, Venmo or PayPal®. 

Another Kind of Hero: Legacy Builders

We’re so grateful for each membership and donation and very impressed with a unique gift from Carl Helser, Jr. who broke new ground this year by using a portion of his Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). His generous donation allowed MLPA to pay Lake Hosts at a higher rate for longer periods of time. As a result, we were able to attract very capable and loyal Lake Hosts! Regarding RMDs and QCDs:  If you are age 73 or older you must, by law, withdraw minimum taxable amounts from your retirement accounts each year. You have the right to make a charitable contribution to any non-profit organization such as MLPA 501(3)(c) if you choose. Amounts that qualify as a QCD are not reported as income or charitable donations on your tax return. Your limit for donations with significant tax advantages: $100,000, but smaller amounts work very well, too. If you are in a position to donate your RMDs as QCDs Mirror Lake is a great option.

We’ve made progress in the areas of membership and finances! Over the past two years MLPA sadly lost well-loved Mirror Lake community members Bill Tryder, Ron Freeze, George Davies, Dr. James Conway, James Laurence and Joanie Laurence. Thank you to members who made donations to MLPA to honor their names and memories. We appreciate these special donations and the tribute they bring to members who were great supporters of Mirror Lake. This kind of legacy is very valuable and long-lasting. Beyond memorializing, it’s amazing how many of our MLPA members donate far more than what the envelope calls for.

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