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Membership & Support

Membership & Support

Please join us in working to preserve the health and beauty of Mirror Lake.  Your participation is very important and together we can make a difference.  Join or renew your membership today, at the highest level possible.  Yearly Membership in the Mirror Lake Protective Association helps keep our lake healthy for all to enjoy.  Just click the Membership Form below.

Volunteer Opportunities

The MLPA relies on active volunteers to maintain and care for Mirror Lake and its watershed. Below are various volunteer positions available for interested community members. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.




Water Quality Monitors

Mirror Lake’s water is sampled, twice monthly, April through October, at five locations in the lake.  Monthly water samples are taken at four locations in the tributary entering Mirror Lake at Lang Pond Road.  Samples of lake sediment and soil are also taken.  Monitors are needed to collect samples, process them and deliver the samples and data to the water quality testing labs at UNH.  If you do not have a boat, you can assist the monitors on their boat. This is a wonderful opportunity to involve young people, with parental or grandparent guidance, in learning about Mirror Lake’s water quality.

Weed Watchers

Weed Watchers monitor the shoreline and lake bottom for aquatic plants and report their findings to the MLPA. Monitoring can be done using any boat, including canoes and kayaks.  A 2010 Field Guide to the Aquatics Plants of Mirror Lake has been prepared by MLPA’s environmental advisors.  Mirror Lake has 23 species of aquatic plants and no invasive plants.  Our best defense against invasive plants is to have active weed watchers.  This is an opportunity for horticulturalists to learn about Mirror Lake’s plant life and is a fun activity in which to involve young people.  The Guide, with colored pictures and a detailed description of each plant is available from MLPA.

Lake Host Program

Volunteers check water craft for milfoil and invasive weeds at the Route 109 boat launch to prevent invasive plants from being introduced into Mirror Lake from other lakes.  If you are an early riser, grab your coffee and morning paper and help us out.  Training is provided by MLPA volunteers.

Membership and Stakeholders Activities

Our stakeholder data bank is housed on a secured data storage service offered by GoogleÒwhich is maintained and backed up systematically by volunteers.  Working on this committee offers members the opportunity to volunteer when they are not at the lake.  Volunteers also assist with stakeholder mailings and other stakeholder activities.

Web Site and Facebook

Volunteers help maintain this web site and MLPA’s Facebook page.  This is another opportunity to help the lake even when you are not at the lake.  Members will be happy to train you in these forms of media communication.

Educational Programs

The Education Committee develops programs for public outreach and educational activities which target watershed residents.  Activities may include webinars, blogs, fundraising, awareness events and information centers, with the content of each concentrating on lake environmental issues.  Program suggestions and committee chairs are welcome.

Board and Officers

If you are interested in a leadership position, this is the volunteer job for you.  Officers are elected annually and board members serve for a term of three years.  Elections are held in the last weekend in June at the annual meeting.  Nominations may be submitted to MLPA in the month of May. 

Interested in Membership?

Please fill out our new membership form by clicking below.  The form allows for new and renewal of yearly membership with payment options either by check or PayPal®. 

All donations are appreciated and help in the protection of Mirror Lake.