Cyanobacteria Bloom Identification Workshop June 26,2019

Mirror Lake Residents: Please try to attend!
Cyanobacteria Bloom Identification Workshop June 26,2019
Dr. Hilary Snook (USEPS) and Dr. Shane Bradt (UNH)
§ With USEPA Mobile Laboratory
§ Brewster Academy Boathouse
§ Wednesday June 26, 2019
§ 9:30am-11:am (plus 11:30-1:00pm, if necessary, i.e. more than 50)

This critical information is provided by Kathy Sciarappa: Gene Kelley, Larry Gil and I attended the Wolfeboro Water Summit on Saturday (focused on cyanobacteria) and it was excellent. I have attached notes which I hope can be added to the MLPA website and also would like to ask that the upcoming workshop on cyanobacteria identification be advertised on both. We learned both some reassuring and frightening information about cyano and all the local lakes in Wolfeboro are concerned and working on how to respond.

Wolfeboro Water Summit III MAY 2019

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