Keep Mirror Lake Clean

From the Wolfeboro Water Summit

  • When trailering your watercraft remember to clean, drain, and dry to prevent the spread of invasives
  • Avoid fertilizing, or if you must, make sure zero is in the middle number on the fertilizer bag (no phosphorus)
  • Pump, check and maintain your septic regularly
  • Create a native vegetative buffer
  • Pick up pet waste on public and private properties
  • Fix obvious erosion areas on your property
  • Reduce and then eliminate your household chemicals, pesticides, and phosphorus products

From the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

  • Slow the Flow of phosphorus in rain water run-off
    • Dig drip line trenches
    • Plant rain gardens
    • Use pervious (permeable) pavers for walkways and driveways
    • Plant trees
    • Minimize water run-off


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