MLPA attends Wolfeboro Water Summit

Saturday May 13, 2017 – MLPA was represented by BOD members Kathy Sciarappa and Larry Gil at the Wolfeboro Water Summit hosted at Wolfeboro’s “The Great Hall” at the town hall.  Excellently organized, well attended, with impressive and knowledgeable speakers.  This was a three hour experience and I kept thinking how ahead of the curve MLPA has been over the past decade but also that there is much more to be done to faithfully execute our management plan developed with the help of Geosyntec.   Attached are the notes I captured at the meeting.   You’ll see these experts reinforce all that we have been talking about for quite some time.


Wolfeboro Water Summit May 13, 2017

Bear sightings!

Bear sightings around Mirror Lake are becoming more common. NH Fish and Game advises taking down bird feeders; firmly securing trash containers; thoroughly cleaning grills; and not leaving food of any kind in cars, sheds, decks etc. Keep doors and windows locked at night and when you leave the house. Bears will avoid ammonia soaked rags and loud noises such as clanging pots and pans, airhorns, yelling, clapping and such.

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